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WaveReport, an ocean forecasting system, provides a 4-day forecast for a selection of meteo-oceanographic data including wave and swell height, period, and current speed and direction.

Naviroute adds an analysis to recommend an optimal route that will allow a sizable fuel conservation. This product is aimed at professional sea going vessels. Three versions of the system will be available: Standalone PC install (now available), ECDIS navigation plug-in, and WEB site.

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Characteristics and Advantages


This project is a joint venture between Nasca Geosystèmes and Actimar and is part of the Previcote project.

ACTIMAR brings 10 years of experience in meteo-oceanographic forecasting for oilrig platforms and for the French National Marine. All of the forecast models are generated by our own number crunching computers, so we are able to provide data for any geographical area and any grid density as required. We use a network of observation points for a continuous forecast validation in real-time.

Nasca Geosystèmes specializes in geo-referenced data and oceanography. Its client list includes France Telecom Marine, Ifremer, the country of Kuwait, Brittany Ferries and many more.


The system is designed for automatic configuration. It detects the type of internet connection available and then connects to the servers for automatic updates of data. Back up of data can be managed directly from the program, allowing easy recovery. The user does not need to handle installation, configuration or data management. The system is provided on a USB key and runs directly from there.


  • The cartographic interface is configurable depending on the type of projection.
  • The colour coding is easy to understand with three clearly defined colours for alarm and alert levels.
  • The levels can be set by the user for each data type.
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  • A graphic display shows the evolution of the data during the day for a specific point. The user can quickly determine the best time for the passage.
  • Several graphs can be opened at the same time for comparison.
  • Specific information for each point on the graph can be viewed by placing the cursor over the arrow.
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  • The user can zoom in on areas of interest. This can be done either by rolling the mouse wheel, selecting the zoom icon and clicking on an area, or by selecting a rectangle area.
  • As the user zooms in closer, data detail increases and more points appear. (Data can be provided for as fine 100m).
  • The user can modify the size of the text used for data information so that it is clearly visible for any screen resolution.
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  • The user can select to view the latest data, or previous data as needed.
  • A Data Management module makes it easy to archive data from the USB KEY to another drive and back again.
  • A warning lets you know when space is getting low
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Depending on the conditions forecast, the departure may be modified or cancelled depending on the security regulations for passage. The three-day forecast is reliable enough to make such a decision with a reasonable delay for passengers.

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Once the route has been entered into the system, a graph can show the user the condition that will be met during the voyage. Several routes can be plotted in and several graph windows can be opened and/or printed to compare alternative routes and departure times.

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The graph can also show the currents that will be met during the voyage.

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The Naviroute module adds advanced route optimization.

For a chosen route, the program can calculate an optimized route taking into account the currents and wind direction and force met during the passage. The result provides the most economical route for fixed distance and time given by the user. By going slightly with the currents during the passages of strongest currents, then against the currents during the weaker currents, between of 5% to 12% economy will be realised.

Also, the system can calculate an optimised route by varying the departure time.

These two elements allow a choice of departure times for an optimized route for maximum fuel economy.

Please note, this function is in final stages of testing and will be available in the next version of WaveReport.


The forecasting models allow the calculation of the effects of the weather conditions on the calculated heights (plus and minus differentials). The interface will show this information in real time or forecast (up to 4 days).

Software Requirements


  • Standard PC Pentium III or better with Windows 2000 or XP.
  • Internet connection for FTP.
  • No licensing required.


  • Monthly subscription for data updates
  • 4-day forecast updated twice a day.
  • Automatic updates Site redundancy to guarantee updates availability.
  • The programs interface and the choice of data types provided are adaptable to each client's needs. (This may require extra time for availability of the program.) The user is guaranteed to have a tool that corresponds as nearly as possible to his needs.


The software is free to use. The monthly subscription is based on:

  • Number of data types (waves, swells, waves+swells, swell period, wind, water depth, …)
  • The data grid resolution (data each 10km to as fine as 100m)
  • The subscription can be per vessel or per company


The system is available immediately if the geographic zone and the grid resolution required are currently operational. A new zone or grid resolution may require up to one month.


–ACTIMAR (Laurent Vigier)
36 Quai de la Douane -29200 Brest -France
Tel: +33 2 98 44 24 51 -Fax: +33 2 98 46 91 04
Email: vigier@actimar.fr
Website: www.actimar.fr

–NASCA Géosystèmes (Atilio François)
24 Quai de la Douane – 29200 Brest – France
Tel: +33 2 98 44 24 51 -Fax: +33 2 98 46 91 04
Email: atilio.francois@nasca-geosystemes.com
Website: www.nasca-geosystemes.com